Mélange Oriental

A transcultural promenade through the sounding heart of Jerusalem
melange02 CD_melangeoriental2
 photo (c) Christian Jungwirth/bigshot

Mélange Oriental live @ Steirisches Kammermusikfestival 2014 in Graz
Mahran Moreb (Israel/Palestine), Stefano Bagliano (Italy), Irina Karamarkovic (Kosovo), Erich O Huetter (Austria), Stefan Heckel (Austria), Raed Saed (Palestine)

Musicians of different cultural and stylistic backgrounds meet for a musical stroll through the Old City of Jerusalem. They discover, trace and reflect the multiple voices, the history and the soul of the Muslim, Jewish, Armenian and Christian quarters. The journey includes the interpretation of traditional pieces and original music on Western and Oriental instruments, improvisations and ambient sounds recorded on selected sites of the Old City. Mélange Oriental, as the name suggests, blends these elements with Christian Jungwirth’s visual impressions of Jerusalem and creates a new language to tell the story of a sounding city.

The CD Mélange Oriental can be ordered from Stefan Heckel by email

Ensemble (varying in size):
Taiseer Elias – Oud (Israel/Palestine)
Mahran Moreb – Qanun (Israel/Palestine)
Raed Saed – Percussion (Palestine)
Ahmed Eid – Double bass (Palestine)
Erich Oskar Huetter – Cello (Austria)
Stefan Heckel – Accordion (Austria)
Christian Jungwirth – Visuals ( Austria)

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